Yesterday correspondents of Kommersant-Ukraine daily witnessed a quarrel between representatives of BYuT and OU-PSD, which showed that positions of these two political forces significantly differ.

A group of journalists was listening in a parliament’s corridor to OU-PSD faction deputy Roman Zvarych, who said that BYuT representatives do not give answers to his questions. At the same time, journalists stopped BYuT faction leader Ivan Kyrylenko who was passing by, and proposed R.Zvarych to ask him questions in presence of journalists.

“I ask you concretely. Are you ready to condemn the Russian aggression in Georgia?”, R.Zvarych asked the BYuT faction leader.

“Categorically no! Because it was namely Georgia that started the aggression”, I.Kyrylenko said.

“I propose you to condemn the fact that Russia used our sovereign territory to attack Georgia!”, -OU-PSD representative was indignant.

“We are categorically opposed to such an estimate”, answered the BYuT faction leader. Journalists asked him whether it means that the talks [on resuming the coalition between the two factions] were just a cover, under which everybody is preparing for an early election.

“You’re absolutely right”, nervously said Ivan Kyrylenko. “Taking into acocunt his words, yes!”, said R.Zvarych.


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