Prime Minister of Ukraine does not see any obstacles to form the coalition in the format of BYuT, Lytvyn’s bloc and Our Ukraine.

Tymoshenko told a press conference after the session of the Cabinet.

The Premier underlined that BYuT remains a supporter of the democratic coalition. “We were holding talk with the Lytvyn’s bloc, and I got Lytvyn’s personal consent to form the coalition of the three forces: BYuT, Lytvyn’s bloc and Our Ukraine,” Tymoshenko said.

She also informed that in response to all demands ultimatum of Our Ukraine BYuT declared it supports the territorial integrity of Georgia and its sovereignty.

At the same time Tymoshenko expressed a belief that Yushchenko had decided to run for the early elections in order to destroy the democratic government and consequently to destroy her as a probable rival at the forthcoming presidential election.

“I want to ask the President not to ruin the strategy of Ukraine towards Europe for the sake of his personal ambitions,” Tymoshenko said.

She also noted that if the President took the parliament for the early elections, the ideological majority in parliament would disappear. “His team wouldn’t be able to get same results as at the previous elections,” Tymoshenko said.


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