"Not a single Ukrainian participated in the Georgian-Russian conflict 

This is the basic postulate. We fruitfully worked to prevent citizens of Ukraine from being drawn into the Georgian-Russian conflict. The fact is that there were people on Ukrainian soil that came to enlist our citizens to participate in the conflict. We achieved a 100% result. Not a single Ukrainian was activated in this conflict," the acting head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko

Speaking about Georgian-Russian conflict, he stressed: "Organizations that cast doubt as to the territorial integrity of Ukraine or to democratic values provoke events or situations similar to those happening in Crimea are considered our ideological enemies."

He noted that "A year ago we warned about the so-called "pro-Russian organizations" that in fact have nothing to do with Russia, but are close to inner circles of corrupt official and oligarchs that are promoting their interests on the territory of Ukraine for big bucks. These organizations pose a threat to Ukraine's sovereignty, state and citizens. We do not limit ourselves to mere statements and are in fact actively counteracting such organizations within the boundaries of the law. We provide the courts with comprehensive information exposing their anti-state nature and illegal activity."

At the same time Nalyvaychenko stressed that the SBU "does not repress or persecute dissidents."

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