After the new Coalition of the Party of Regions and BYuT will have been ratified, the "Our Ukraine" Party will transfer to the national parliamentary opposition.

Such statement was delivered by the head of the factions of OU-PSD Vyacheslav Kyrylenko after announcement of dissolving of the Coalition of the Democratic Forces made by the Chairman of the VRU Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

According to V.Kyrylenko, the pro-Kremlin majority created on September, 2 by the BYuT, PR and CPU will be ratified in the near future.

"After the union of the PR and BYuT will have been ratified we'll be able to follow the only way. It will be transfer to the national parliamentary opposition, we shall be in opposition to every anti-Ukrainian activity, accomplished by the pro-Kremlin majority," he promised.

He stressed that the "Our Ukraine" party won't watch how the achievements of Ukrainian independence are being destroyed.


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