All the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at the last plenary week were signed by the VRU chairman.

Among adopted laws there are laws by which changes into the law on the Cabinet, the Security Service, and the Constitutional Court are introduced and also the law on which veto of the President on temporary investigation committees of the parliament is prolonged.

Signed by Yatsenyuk laws were adopted by the VRU at the sitting on September 2. In protest against unanimity of the BYuT, the Party of Regions and the Communist party, who voted for the laws limiting Yushchenko's authorities, members of the OU-PSD left the sitting.

Yatsenyuk also left the sitting, explaining that he didn't want to participate in the coalition's collapse. Afterwards the democratic coalition has collapses. At the OU-PSD sitting all MPs of the council's faction voted for this.


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