If the democratic coalition is kept, Yulia Tymoshenko will be ready to support Yushchenko at the next Presidential Election. She told about at the press-conference for the central and regional mass-media.

"If the democratic coalition is kept, I am ready to support "the well-known candidate for the post of Proesident" for the next term," she promised.

The Prime Minister stressed that as for today there are three ways out from the situation formed in Ukraine. the first iof them is renovating of the democratic coalition. "This way belongs to the President, as it is him who destroyed the Coalition, not the "hand of the Kremlin", she noted.

She believes that renewal of the coalition is the only correct way out.

At the same time the Prime Minister stressed that she is absolutely against early elections. "It will  be the worst possibility. The early elections... will change the situation not to good of the democratic coalition," the Prime Minister told.

According to Yu. Tymoshenko, without early elections or renewal of the coalition the only way out will be possible. It is reformatting of the Coalition in a way giving possibility for the VRU to work and have 350 votes for implementing a normal constitutional model in Ukraine.

Tymoshenko asked the President to renew the democratic coalition.


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