Presidium of the political council of the "Our Ukraine" party approved the decision of the OU-PSD bloc of withdrawal from the coalition and repudiated probable joining the new parliamentary majority if the Party of Regions joined it too. There is a declaration of the bloc printed at the official site of the bloc and signed by Vyacheslav Kyrylenko. Here is the full text of the Declaration.

«Our Ukraine» expresses outrage of the actions of BYuT, which, joining the corridor conspiracy with anti-Ukrainian forces that is the Party of Regions and communists, created new ProKremlin majority in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, BYUT left without any answer repeated public appeals of «Our Ukraine» to the partners of coalition to regain consciousness and conduct a meeting of the Coalition for harmonization of positions.

Forward the entire country on Septembers 2 , an extremely dangerous scenario of destabilization of situation is begun in Ukraine.

Renouncing to condemn Russian aggression against Georgia and support territorial integrity of this country, BYUT jointly with the communists and members of the party of Regions not only consciously drives a wedge between Ukraine and other civilized world but also creates necessary perquisites for encroachments upon territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Despite Agreement about creation of coalition of democratic forces and official position of the «Our Ukraine» the newly created majority composed of the BYUT, Party of regions and communists voted for a number of laws, directed to removal from power of publicly elected President of Ukraine and passing all the power to the anti-Ukrainian parliamentary oligarchy.

Overcoming the veto of the President on the Law of Ukraine "On the temporal commissions of inquiry, special temporal commission of inquiry and temporal special commissions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine", the Party of Regions, BYUT and communists opened the gate to the impeachment of the Head of the state, and with a whole range of other laws they limited the right of the President to appeal against governmental decisions.

The amendments to Laws «On the Cabinet Ukraine» and «On Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)» accepted by the newly created majority are yet more dangerous, due to them the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko, Party of Regions and communists want despite Constitution to deprive President of possibility to influence on appointment of the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs, and the head of the SBU. Leaders of these key departments of defence of the state system and safety of Ukraine should be appointed by new ProKremlin majority in the parliament, according to the plan of conspirators.

In essence, anti-constitutional, anti-Ukrainian dictatorship of the Prime Minister has been born in our eyes.

«Our Ukraine» made enormous efforts for creation of the democratic coalition. Due to our voices under condition of reckless resistance of the opposition Tymoshenko became a Prime Minister, the coalition government had been set up and a whole large range of determining laws had been approved.

Despite untruthful prosecutions and unfriendly actions, we made all possible efforts for saving the present coalition, regardless of numerous and groundless violations of the coalition agreement by BYUT.

Regardless of serious disagreements in economic, humanitarian, foreign-policy and other questions, we tried to save democratic coalition at any cost.

But by the present plot the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko openly follows the road of total destruction of the democratic coalition and creates new anti-Ukrainian majority together with the Party of Regions and communists.

People's Union «Our Ukraine» believes that under such circumstances our representatives in the government and parliament can not be false front of participants of the anti-Ukrainian plot.

We support the decision of the faction of the «Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defence» Block about their exit from the coalition and consider that BYUT must bear all the responsibility for the consequences of destruction of the coalition.

At the same time «Our Ukraine» confirms impossibility of our joining the coalition together with the Party of Regions and communists and is ready to work as a part of the parliamentary opposition.

We shall protect the Ukrainian state system and democracy, and we are sure that we shaill be supported by millions of our compatriots".


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