The VRU passed the Law "On amendments to the Law of Ukraine on the Security Service of Ukraine" (concerning appointment and dismissal of the governing body  of the SBU and improvement of certain items).

The law was voted by 362 of 266 MPs. The Lytvyn Bloc's faction did not vote, it left the session hall in a body.

According to Andriy Portnov (BYuT), absence of the President of the SBU showed "incentive of certain forces in procrastination of forming of the governing body of the parliament".

President of the VRU's Committee on National Security and Defence Anatoliy Hrytsenko noted that Valentyn Nalyvaychenko had been the acting President of the SBU for more than two years, that was an unlawful act.

MP noted that "it was difficult for Nalyvaychenko to work".

He added the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko never spoke about support of the candidature of Nalyvaychenko.

"It is evident that a "suspended" President of the SBU might be profitable for certain persons, but it is bad for the state", A.Hrytsenko told.

The Verkhovna Rada implemented the amendments to the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

363 of 366 MPs voted affirmatively.

Certain regulations concerning introducing by the President candidature of the Prime Minister and obligations of the Cabinet to agree with the President dismissal of the Ministers and ensure fulfillment of the Presidential orders were cancelled.

Regulations concerning legislative initiative by order of the President, fulfillment of decisions of the SBU, cooperation with foreign countries by order of the President and some other regulations were cancelled too.


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