People’s Self-Defense will keep coordinating its actions with BYuT despite the traitorous decision of OU-PSD to leave the coalition, People’s Self-defense officially stated.

“Estimating the position of our former OU-PSD bloc partners, who left the coalition, as traitorous and blasphemous, civil movement “People’s self-Defense” declares that none of the treats and promises from Secretariat will force us to change our position regarding the coalition of democratic forces .We will keep coordinating its actions with BYuT and those political forces which are ready to support our aspiration to build democratic, prosperous society in Ukraine, to overcome corruption and stop authoritative self-will,” the statement says.            

The statement also points out that the decision to leave the coalition has become a logical continuation of the policy carried out by the Secretariat of the President and directed to cutting down of democratic process in the country.

As a reminder, the faction of the Our Ukraine – People’s self-Defense bloc has left the democratic coalition. 29 deputies votedfor”, 9 members votedagainstand 6 deputies abstained.

Representatives of People’s Self-Defense and “People’s movement” mainly voted against or abstained. All ministers on OU-PSD quota except Yuri Lutsenko supported the decision to leave the coalition.


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