Ukraine does not support the decision of Russia to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states and insists on stability of international principle of keeping territorial integrity of every state. The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said in an interview to Reuters.

 “We regret the decision. It is unacceptable for Ukraine, therefore we cannot back this position,” President said.

The head of the state underlined that Ukraine proceeds from the fact that observance of the international law on territorial integrity of any country is the base of the modern security policy. Hence, according to Yushchenko, violation of this principle “causes aggravation not only in Caucasian region.” 

“Such aggravation may lead to complications in different parts of the world. The point is that mutual trust can be questioned and lost because of poorly thought-out steps, when diplomacy and peaceful regulation are replaced with policy of force,” the President said.


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