I am afraid that those materials the Secretariat of President delivered to the Security Service are as much “reliable” as the information about communists’ invasion of Kyiv.

Our Ukraine deputy Yaroslav Kendzer expressed his opinion commenting on the information on that the Security Service of Ukraine had received the documents from the Secretariat of President on activity of the government, allegedly directed to harm national interests of Ukraine.

In his opinion, if there is a crime, it does not worth to speculate on the information, but to collect proofs and facts first and then deliver them to law enforcement bodies.

“I think that these materials will turn out nothing, like the information about groups of communists in woods coming to invade Kyiv, while it turned out it was a group of old people picking up mushrooms,” Kendzer said.

The politician noted that accusation of high treason is a serious problem. “If the accusations are not proved, Secretariat will look ridiculous,” he added.

“If there are facts that Tymoshenko is playing a double game, then the society must know about it, but only after theses facts are proved. It is normal scheme,” Kendzer underlined.


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