The statement of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine witnesses that the head of the state has already started the election campaign, BYuT deputy Valery Pysarenko said commenting on the accusations of the first deputy Chief-of-Staff Andriy Kislinski.

According to the deputy, “it is obvious that the President has started the election campaign and is using all means to fight his main rival.”

“The President has started the campaign too early, and by the way, it won’t help him whatsoever,” he added.

According to Pysarenko, he does not want to comment on “hysterical statements.” “There will be much more statements of this kind, but we will keep doing our job as we do now, in the interests of Ukraine,” he said.

The deputy also added that “such accusations only prove that Tymoshenko moves in right direction and defends national interests as none of other politicians.”


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