On Saturday ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma is celebrating his 70th birthday in Crimea.

According to “Segodnya” newspaper, 150 guests will come to congratulate Kuchma. The celebration will be held in the public park on one of Crimean resorts, usually opened for public, but now closed “due to landslide prevention works.”

The director of the concert hall of he resort Alla Letkovska told that the main guest of the party would become Elton John.

Besides, such artists and singers as Nikolay Baskov, Filipp Kirkorov, Tamara Gvardtsetelli, Taisia Povaliy and Ihor Likhuta, will also come to perform at the party.

Rumours say the president Yushchenko does not going to visit the celebration. Kuchma invited recently Yushchenko and Kravchuk to Artek for the so-called meeting of three presidents, but none of them came, thought they were near the place of meeting.


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