During the strengthening works of a dam in Transdniestria rescuers of the team of the Ministry of Interiors of Transdniestria found 510 personnel mines produced in Germany, according to the information delivered by the press service of MI of Transdniestria.

They told that an excavator lifted a layer of soil with its bucket and dug out three pieces of metal. Policemen stated that it was ammunition and called specialists of the Ministry of Defence.

During several hours the specialists dug out about 300 mines. Most part of them corroded and went to pieces. All these mines are German frog-mines. When the mechanism is running on, such mine jumps up and explodes.

According Yuriy Shulyak, commander of engineering reconnaissance of the Ministry of Defence of Transdniestria, the ammunition remains in the soil after the Great Patriotic War. They do not represent danger and will be destroyed.

Additional research works will be conducted in this region of Transdniestria.

According to the military engineers, all ammunition remained in the soil of Transdniestria after the great Patriotic War do not represent any danger, but they will be found and destroyed at special sites.


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