According to Zatulin, the ban imposed on his entry to Ukraine is “mean-spirited and disreputable provocation; personal revenge of Ukraine’s President, who has taken a dislike to the Russian deputy because of his constant criticism of the authorities.

“Ban on the entry is absurdity. The whole world is laughing at us,” he declared. Zatulin noted that nobody explained him the reasons of the ban.

“Another lie is that I allegedly bought the return ticket to Moscow. Why should I? If you want to deport me, do it in accordance with the law. Why should I pay for my deportation? Mean and disreputable lie all around,” he summed up.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities are annoyed of his popularity among the people. “Ukraine’s authorities are afraid of my influence, as my rating in Ukraine is higher than Yushchenko’s one. And such actions of Ukrainian officials only increase my popularity. It will not stop me from being engaged in the Russian-Ukrainian relations and from loving Ukraine. I love it in my way, not like Yushchenko and his Security Service,” Zatulin pointed out.


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