Moscow now has an additional reason to revise the Big Treaty between Russia and Ukraine. Director of the Ukrainian department of CIS Institute Volodymyr Kornilov expressed his opinion to IMC newspaper commenting on the prohibition of entering Ukraine for Russian deputy Konstantin Zatulin.

Kornilov specified that “neither Zatulin nor the CIS countries Institute carry out anti-Ukrainian policy, as it was said by the Ukrainian party.” According to Kornilov, “Zatulin would be glad to hear explanations why the ban was imposed on him, as none of the Ukrainian services found time to explain distinct reasons.”

Kornilov also noted he wouldn’t be surprised if the ban were cancelled in several days.

“This issue is closely connected to the Sea Breeze maneuvers 1020 anniversary of baptism. Ukraine’s authorities were scared of everything and were looking for enemies everywhere. Now when the events have finished the ban can be removed,” the expert opined.

He also noted that the situation with Konstantin Zatulin would not assist in improving the relations between Ukraine and Russia.

“The situation around bans of Luzhkov, Zatulin and others only gives trumps to the Russian elite to manipulate the Big Treaty. As you understand, black lists cannot be considered as display of friendship and cooperation,” Kornilov summed up.


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