Devoted to victims of medical commercial

Part I. Commercial and patients

One day I went to the hospital with running temperature about 40degrees and doctor told me to buy  medicine X. There was no medicine X in a drug store, so I bought medicine Y, the one shown on TV commercials.

The doctors said I wasted my money, as the medicine was no good. "Why? It is very effective painkiller," I said, "I saw the commercial on TV," was my argument. The doctor only gave me the screw-loose sign, and I started to call psychologists to find out why people trust medical commercial.

Serhiy Bokivets, Hryhory Kostyuk Psychology Institute:

It is not about trust. "Truth is many times repeated lie." The commercials are based on this principle. In other words it is a hypnotic treatment, or zombing.

And then an idea came to my mind, the same one which came to the deputy Nestor Shufrich last year - to prohibit commercial of medical treatment and medicines in Mass Medias, including cosmetic medicine and food additives.

Then we won't meet our "favorite" commercial heroes on TV, radio and transport. And of course the deputies could not allow such losses (about $100 million made on commercials of tooth paste, yogurts, creams and shampoos).

"Are those actors and doctors from the commercials responsible somehow for the medicine they promote?" I asked lawyer Oleksiy Reznikov. "None," was the short answer.

Oleksiiy Reznikov, lawyer:

The law "On commercial" is observed by the Anti-monopoly committee and Consumer protection department. The problem is that the law does not provide for direct responsibility of a doctor.

The chief specialist of the consumer protection department Sahno Yuri:

If you decided to trust in the medical commercial, you should pay attention to the kind of promoted medicine - whether it is a medicine or a food additive; read the instruction and warning about necessary consultation with a doctor.

According to Yuri Sahno, responsibility for inferior commercial may be criminal, disciplinary or administrative.

"There were eight cases, and perpetrators were fined of 11 thousand hryvnias," he informed.

Part II. Docotrs

In fact, the law "On commercial" prohibits doctors and other medical workers from taking part in commercials (

Oleksandr Pilgun, dentist - took part in the commercial of toothpaste:

Advertising agency decided that the TV commercial must have three images - professional, famous person and pleasant appearance. I am professional. Representatives of the company were searching clinics and chose me. Shooting process was very interesting, but the fee not really.

Besides, nobody told me that doctors do not have a right to take part in medical commercials. And I did not consult a lawyer, did not have time.

Yuri Sahno:

Doctors can promote toothpaste as dental hygiene means. But if they promote it as a medicine (Lacalut, for example), then it provides for responsibility. According to the law, it is advertisers, producers and distributors, who are responsible.

P.S. So, wish you not to be naïve and not to be duped.

NOTE: "Medical commercial" means promotion of medicines, medical services, methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation and medical equipment.

According to the law "On commercial", commercials of medicines must specify that consultations with a doctor are obligatory and cannot state that the effect is guaranteed.


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