The “Ukrainian medical union” long with the company “Medivip” has started the program of getting medical specialists back to Ukraine. The first step was the returning of radiologist Oleksiy Vitte, who arrived yesterday in Ukraine from Libya.

Deputy Director of the staff department of the Health Ministry Oleksandr Volosovetsk said that Ukraine lacks top-skilled professionals, about 48 thousand doctors, including 300 children's doctors. “All this pushed the company “Medivip” to seek for specialists abroad.

According to Volosovetsk, first they looked for foreign top-skilled professionals to work in Ukraine. But why? We can find Ukrainians working abroad. In every second country there is a doctor with Ukrainian diploma,” he said.

Vitte, the first doctor, who returned to Ukraine, informed that even after making the contract with “Medivip” he would not break contracts with foreign companies, which provides for work in Libya, Africa and Afganistan, as he was not sure the perspective for him in Ukraine was optimistic.

“Medivip” is developing. It has centers in Brovary, Sumy regions, Konotop. The President of the company Vasyl Danatsko notes that Ukraine has problems with top-skilled professionals and with operating modern equipment. According to him, it happens that having got new equipment doctors don’t know how to use it.

“Ukrainian medical union” presidium member Volodymyr Zahorodny informed that “situation concerning doctors is politically grounded, and it is time to separate medicine from politics once and for all.”


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