In response to yesterday’s statement by the President about Zhvania’s involvement in Yushchenko’s poisoning, the press office of David Zhvania released the statement on the deputy in which he threats Yushchenko with impeachment.

“Such actions of Yushchenko doubt his compliance with the high post he is holding – President of Ukraine. Violation of the Constitution, presumption of innocence in particular, is a significant ground to initiate impeachment,” the statement says.

Commenting on the statement of Zhvania's press office BYuT deputy Stepan Kurpil said that David Zhvania declaration concerning presidential impeachment was very emotional and absolutely groundless. “It is obvious that such statement cannot become a ground to dismiss the president.”

According to him, President was also wrong having said about Zhvania's involvement. "Such statements can be made by legal authorities, like investigators or court, only," the deputy underlined.

Kurpil expressed an opinion that the Head of the State is not allowed to make such emotional statements.

"I understand that a tragedy happened to the President. But he is the President and must make only reasonable statements within the law and Constitution. Ordinary man can say something like this on his kitchen, but not the President. He does not have a right for such public statements even if he thinks like this," Kurpil noted.

In her turn, the Party of Regions deputy Anna Herman said that first of all, Zhvania overrates the significance of himself, and secondly, it is not him to decide what the Ukrainian people will do about their President.

"Zhvania goes too far. It is not him to decide what the grounds are for presidential impeachment, but the Ukrainian people," she underlined.

Commenting on the statement of the President on Zhvania's involvement into poisoning, the deputy said that "Zhvania's behavior and statements say that Yushchenko is not that wrong."


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