The fact that European Union will refuse to consider Ukraine as a member candidate was known five years ago. It was clear then that membership is possible in at least 10-15 years.

The Party of Regions deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko told IMC commenting on the information on that EU ministers failed to decided Ukraine’s integration and further expansion of the union.

“The problem is that Ukraine does to meet European interests. Ukraine is just an object of foreign policy of the USA, Europe and Russia. Ukraine does not determine its course, but follows the orders of the world leaders. Unfortunately, the people who claim to be Ukraine’s leaders don’t understand that with inner conflicts and squabbles they ruin any possibility to develop as independent state,” he said.

“Besides, Europe does not like evident pro-American politicians. Yushchenko is no longer interesting for them, as he demonstrate too open devotion to America,” he added.

According to Kolesnichenko, the unbiased reason Ukraine’s will not be taken into the EU is that Ukraine does not meet regularly its international obligations to the EU.

“There is question: why do we need EU or NATO? The authorities say that it is necessary to improve the standards and to get help. It is poor and defective policy of the people, who are ruining the very possibility to develop as an independent state. They say we have to go there and there, but they don’t have either brains or desire to come back to the country and find out what we are really capable of. Their ambition overheated their heads and they don’t see an opportunity of independent development of Ukraine,” he explained.

“For the next five years Ukraine should even dream about EU membership. But in 15 years it will be clear that EU has serious problems and that it is falling apart. Against such background I would turn my head to the Asian markets. They have huge needs, and it might be very profitable cooperation,” Kolesnichenko summed up.


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