How can comment on the statement of a man, to whom Zhvania first gave $40 million for the election campaign and then tried to poison him? Zhvania is not a nut case. These things are incompatible. Yushchenko’s statement contradicts the reality.

The Party of Regions deputy Oleksandr Yefremov told IMC commenting on the President’s statement on that David Zhvania was involved in his poisoning.

“The fact of poisoning had not been proven in the first place. Zhvania just voiced it. I hardly believe in the poisoning, I think it was faked,” he added.

According to the deputy, the fact that Zhvania is being persecuted proves that we live in an incomprehensible country with no sign of democracy.

In response to the question why Yushchenko made this statement, Yefremov said: “The presidential campaign is about to start. It wouldn’t surprise me if such cases as Gongadze, Melnichenko’s tapes come to light again.”

“We never get answers from Yushchenko. Tymoshenko accuses him of betrayal of national interests in connection with the Black Sea shelf, Zhvania declares that poisoning was faked, former Defense Minister Hrytsenko accuses Yushchenko of deprivation of land form the army and giving it to commercial structures. There are tens of examples, but Yushchenko gives the only answer based on the principle “it’s you who is an idiot here.” It is not a proper way to hold discussions in politics,” Yefremov summed up.


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