The present authorities of the Ministry repeatedly state that in 2007, under the Cabinet of Yanukovych, Ukrzaliznytsya purchased inventories at the prices two or three times higher than the market ones.

Quite logical question: why does not Ukrazaliznytsya buy inventories two or three times cheaper now? Presently, the prices are even twice higher than in 2007. So I want to ask the current officials of the Transport Ministry - where is logic in your statements? - the Transport Minister of the oppositional government of Yanukovych, the head of the VR committee on transport and communication Volodymyr Kozak commented on the situation in the Ministry and shared his opinion on further prospects of development of the transport system.

"Ukrzaliznitsya" is using "corruptive schemes for inventories auctions, when commercial enterprises, close to the Ministry, always win the tenders and contests."

Tender administrators deliberately reduce prices, making them lower then the market ones. But when the structures close to the Ministry win a tender the prices go up within several days. It's like magic. The prices become as agreed by participants of auctions.

Similar schemes are used for Ukravtodor and other departments of the transport Ministry.

Transit transportations are turned into Klondike for enrichment of certain companies, like "Intertrans" and "Coal of Ukraine."

The growth of work productivity of Ukrzaliznytsya is 6% this year, and the growth of salary is 37%. None of enterprises can survive with such showings.

The control and revision department has finished the inspection of the Transport Ministry. Hundreds of millions losses have been revealed. Information about revealed violations has been delivered to the law enforcement bodies.

Hence, grandiose plans of Yulia Tymoshenko to increase profitability of railway enterprises have turned out to unreasoned, and the state monopoly has been put into debts.

Lobbying of personal interests has led to that 90 percent of transportation is made by the close to the Ministry enterprises. Such companies are given groundless discount, and the whole state monopoly is working for some people close to the coalition.

In 2007 the growth of transit transportation through Ukraine reached 30% rate. This year it is only 6%.


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