Countries of the Black Sea basin are able to solve the problems of their safety themselves without “paternalist” intervention from abroad. There are certain appropriate mechanisms there, such as BLACKSEAFOR, “Harmony of the Black Sea” etc. This information had been delivered by the Department of Information and Press of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia concerning the Sea Breeze 2008 maneuvers taking place in Ukraine.

Officially the Sea Breeze Maneuvers were aimed to the improvement of the level of cooperation and concomitance of military forces of the participating countries during “humanitarian and peacemaking operations”. But such elements as battle reconnaissance, search of the adversary’s submarine, control of navigation, repulsion operations etc. are perfected too. Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia notes their anti-Russian mood.

These maneuvers are followed with numerous protest actions. Taking into account the political situation, the Ministry of Defence of Russia decided to cancel participation of the Russian Military Forces in the maneuvers.

Mass protest actions against the maneuvers reflect the social opinion about the matter and about joining the military bloc that will not favour good neighborly relations of Russia and Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence of Russia believes.


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