Political scientists always analyze the situation in the country and conduct different researches: whether we face early elections, how much it costs to buy a membership in the parliament, what are the probable scenarios of new political season.

The product of intellectual forecast is rather interesting and demonstrative.

44% of questioned political scientists consider that maintenance of the democratic coalition is the most optimal variant from the point of national interests, and only two scientists are sure that new format of the coalition "PR + Lytvyn's bloc + OU-PSD" is the best variant.

According to the opinion 92% of the experts, Yulia Tymoshenko does not want any changes in the parliament. 88% of experts state that Speaker Yatsenyuk also dreams about stability. Then follow Yuri Lutsenko (84%) and Vyacheslav Kyrylenko (80%).

The majority of the political scientists opined that Viktor Yanukovych, Viktor Baloha and Viktor Yushchenko, as well as Volodymyr Lytvyn and Rinat Akhmetov are those who are interested in the breakdown of the coalition in order to form a new one "PR + Lytvyn's bloc + a part of OU-PSD."

If the democratic coalition breaks up, we will face early elections or reformation of the parliament. The problem of the second variant is that in fact it won't help, as all the same political forces will be involved.

In case of early elections, according to the experts, the same players will get to the parliament, and in fact these early elections will not solve the situation.

According to the experts, the politicians are not eager to run election campaigns once again: electorate is not the same, and the very procedure is rather costly.

88% of political scientists Our Ukraine deputy Vuacheslav Kyrylenko does not crave for the election race - Our Ukraine rhetoric is not that fresh...

Yuri Lutsenko (84%) and his force also have many things to lose in case of early elections this autumn...Not than many supports are still with them.

32% of respondent are sure that Viktor Yanukovych and Volodymyr Lytvyn are persons concerned the most about the reformation of the parliament.

Hence, we can assume that the key political figures are only imitating the great desire to hold early parliamentary elections.

It is also worth to mention that in experts' opinion, Yulia Tymoshenko (52%) and Viktor Yanukovych (48%) don't mind simultaneous parliamentary and presidential elections.

Though the above mentioned data is only consideration, the true fact is that this autumn starts the presidential campaign. All experts agree on this fact.

According to political scientists, having won the presidential chair, a new President would try to take control of the power and political situation. Well, we have nothing but to wait till 2010 to see this for ourselves...


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