The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk is sure that our state should stand against interference into its national interests, he said Monday.

Kravchuk is convinced that only NATO can provide proper protection for Ukraine.

According to him, there can be no territorial discussions concerning Crimea. “Ukraine must stand against any interference into its domestic affairs and should appeal to the international organizations, including UN, to protect its territorial integrity and national interests,” he underlined.

At the same time Kravchuk declared that Ukraine’s position of the nonaligned state is an illusion. “Ukraine must protect its nation al interests, independence and territorial integrity. Such protection can be provided by the Alliance only. There are no other structures in Europe, capable to protect Ukraine,” Kravchuk is convinced.

“We must abandon illusions and start living in the real world. Ukrainian Politicians should stop speculating over NATO. I stand for the protection of Ukraine’s interests,” he summed up.

As a reminder, in July 11 parties, including SDPU (Kravchuk was a member of this party), and 7 public organization signed a joint statement in which they demanded to stop forcible joining and to maintain Ukraine’s nonaligned status.  


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