Ukrainian citizens, who have left for Israel for permanent residence after 1991, may face the problem of entering Ukraine due to plans of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry's consulate service to change the mechanism for issuing visas for this category of people.

Those Ukrainians who failed to get registered at Ukraine's consulates in Israel and till now visited Ukraine with Israeli passports will be soon deprived of their right to gain Ukrainian visas, the director of the ministry's consular department Serhiy Pohoreltsev said.

He said that Ukraine would struggle against the situation when influential people, including Ukrainian MPs, used the presence of foreign passports for their own benefit.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry proposed that average Ukrainians, who for various reasons have no working Ukrainian passports and were not registered at consulates, either resume the effect of their documents, or receive the status of "foreign Ukrainians," which foresees the possibility of visiting Ukraine many times.

Another option is to ask for leaving Ukrainian citizenship.


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