The Ministry of Economics expects simple number for inflation in 2010, and 5-7% inflation in 2011, stated Minister of Economics Bohdan Danylyshyn at the press conference.

Danylyshyn said it was fixed in the memorandum, signed by the Cabinet of Ministers and the National bank. The memorandum ensures the coordinated actions of the Cabinet and the National bank this year, they are to hold the inflation on the lower lever than the previous year, as Liga reports.

According to Danylyshyn, the memorandum indicates that the Government and the National bank have set the coordinated actions, despite numerous opposite comments. “Moreover, we set the task to reduce those price expectations we have in the country, to reduce, first of all, different kinds of comments and analytical conjectures, both from the opposition and other commentators who say the increase is possible, other negative trends are possible, including those of foreign origin. I would like to emphasize again the Government of Ukraine does everything to provide price stability, to provide the price which is of interest to Ukrainians,” said the Minister. He also mentioned that the decrease of inflation from 3.8% in March to 0.8% in June indicates the inflation decrease hasn’t seasonal character and it would’ve been impossible without coordinated actions of the Government and the National bank. Danylyshyn said that last year, in June, the inflation was 2.2% despite the seasonal character.

According to the State Statistics Committee, in June 2008, the inflation rate was 0.8% compared to May. The index of consumer prices grew by 15.5% from the beginning of the year. Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine increased the forecasted year inflation from 15.3% to 15.9%.


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