The Government and coalition don’t want the Parliament adopt the amendments and revisions to the state budget, said leader the parliament’s bloc Volodymyr Lytvyn at the briefing on Thursday.

According to him, there are numerous facts indicating this, namely: this document was not introduced in March; the faction of the Prime Minister is blocking the podium now. Besides, there is another important indicator – the statement of the President about putting veto on the amendments to the state budget, even if they are adopted by the Parliament.

Lytvyn is sure Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko “lives in a world where she is looking, and strange as it may seem, still finds the enemies”. “Everyone around is guilty, except those who have power and promise paradise in Ukraine”.

The faction leader reminded that a year ago, on July 13, during her first government, Tymoshenko stated that there is “political savagery” in the Parliament. “Thus, it is again the Parliament’s turn to be the enemy. Everything repeats again, but it is a tragedy for Ukraine,” said the politician.


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