BYuT faction keeps blocking the Parliament’s podium, as ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Moreover, a few people’s deputies from BYuT spent the night in the session hall of VR and ate sandwiches, brought by their assistants.

Though, the people’s deputies come to the session hall of VRU.

Just like yesterday, there is no agenda for today.

Speaker of Parliament Arseniy Yatsenyuk doubts the Rada will manage to work today. While in the Parliament’s lobby, he expressed doubts that they should hold the conciliatory meeting, because he has nothing to discuss with the faction leaders.

On Wednesday, Speaker of Parliament Arseniy Yatsenyuk promised to meet with every leader of the faction to find the solution for the present Parliament crisis, but there was no such a meeting.

As ForUm reported earlier, BYuT faction has been blocking the work of the Parliament foe 2 days. BYuT demands that the Parliament considers the question about amendments to the state budget.


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