President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko is critical in his evaluations of the amendments to the state budget 2008. He stated at the Ukraine-Malta business forum, according to the President’s press office.

“I am not satisfied with the amendments to the budget of 2008; I am not satisfied with many things which are introduced by this document. To live on the populism policy, warm up inflation with weak budgetary policy – is an unreasonable for the authorities,” said the Head of the state, and called to refuse this kind of policy.

Yushchenko reminded about the necessity to make the amendments to the budget to compensate the losses, caused by inflation, to low income groups. The President reminded that the inflation is 15. 5% for 6 months. The head of the state said the goal is to reduce it to simple number. “This super-goal must be stated by any government, any authorities,” said Yushchenko.

According to the President, besides the measures directed to support the most vulnerable groups, the amendments must provide additional funds for the development of economy and payment of budget deficit. “We direct the rest on payment of the budget deficit and on development programs,” said the President.

Also, the Head of the state reminded about his right to put veto on the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, “At least I have the right to put veto on such unproductive amendments and revisions to budget and I will use it,” said the President of Ukraine, and added he hopes the Parliament will have a professional discussion regarding the main financial document of the country.


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