Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko is sure the Parliament hasn’t enough votes to make her government resign. She stated at the open sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday, July 9, as ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“I am absolutely confident there are not enough votes in this flock. If there were the votes, they would’ve made the Government resign, chosen new speaker, new Prime Minister new government,” she said.

Tymoshenko believes that “to make politics” from the normal life in the country, the Verkhovna Rada, especially the Party of Regions, Lytvyn bloc and the Communist Party of Ukraine sabotage the process of adopting amendments and revisions to the budget 2008.

According to the Cabinet’s Head, her government closed the shadow schemes with all possible means; it has done everything the state economy could develop dynamically. “We have gathered additional UAH 30.4 billion and want to give it to people. But the Verkhovna Rada sabotages this process and doesn’t let us put this draft law on voting,” said the Prime Minister.

Tymoshenko assured she would apply every effort “to give state budget to the country before the recess of this unique Verkhovna Rada”.


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