The inflation rate in June to May was 0.8%, and 15.5% from the beginning of 2008, according to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.

Thus, Ukraine had a decrease of inflation for 5 months (3.8% in March, 3.1% in April and 1.3% in May). And compared to June 2007, when the consumer prices increased by 2.2%, the inflation rate decreased in 2.7 times.

Earlier, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stated that the inflation in June would be 2.5 times less that the analogous last year. Although, basing on the first and second decade of the previous month, he had made an assumption about the possibility of deflation in June, as UNIAN reports.

At last, what is even more important, rather low inflation in June caused the beginning of decreasing trend for the year inflation, which was not observed for the previous 15 months. Last time the year inflation was decreasing in February, 2007 (it was 9.5%), then it was increasing for months and reached 31.1% in May, 2008.

Now, the inflation is expected to decrease up to 15.9% for 2008, according to the Government’s project of amendments to the state budget.


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