PR believes the people’s deputies must consider the law about the judicial system and the status of judges on the current plenary week, stated head of the PR faction Oleksandr Yefremov at the sitting of the Coordinating council of VRU, held on Monday.

“For the time we worked in the regions and committees there was an application of the Supreme Court head to the President. When, first we watched the President sending letters to the Prime Minister through the road, now we see one branch of the power writing letters of the President. Probably, being in the Parliament which regulates these things in the legal area, we should not close eyes on the application. Regarding the above, it would be logically to introduce and hear the question, planned for Thursday, this week - it is a draft law about judicial system and the status of judges, in order to clarify the given relationship,” said Yefremov.

The politician also said that the Parliament hasn’t considered the number of personnel questions. “We haven’t appointed the calendar plan. It is included in the agenda, it must remain there,” said the politician.


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