The micro-economical indices, not coordinated by the Government and the National bank of Ukraine make doubtful the amendments to state budget. Such position of President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko was announced by President’s press secretary Iryna Vannikova at the briefing.

According to her, the President believes it is dangerous that the Government refused to coordinate the micro-economical indices with NBU.

“Ukraine may pay a high price for the inability of two state institutions to find mutual consent,” said the President, as UNIAN reports.

According to Vannikova, the draft project of the state budget indicates the inflation at 15.9% (all social standards are calculated on this rate).

At the same time, she said, this rate could be accepted by NBU in case all additional funds were directed to the decrease of the budgeted deficit or to the inflation neutral directions as refusal from the tax on buying-selling of currency and on pumping of natural gas into holder.

“Another mistake connected with the forecasted inflation rate may be a reason to the further decrease of social standards in 2-3 months,” said Vannikova.

According to the Head of the State, as his press-secretary said, the Government, introducing amendments to the state budget, doesn’t direct additional incomes to achieve economic stability and state development but proposes to use them, mostly, on the “eating” policy.

Today, on June 7, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko had a meeting devoted to restoration of micro-economical stability.

On July 5, the Cabinet of ministers approved the draft law about amendments to the state budget 2008. On Monday, July 7, the document was registered in VR.


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