Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin believes that it’s too early to speak about “revolutionary achievement” of Ukraine in the gas question with Russia.

“The price is discussed, first of all, by the specialists. The conversation is held on the corporate level. This question requires much work. And I don’t think one visit and one meeting can resolve everything,” said Chernomyrdin.

Besides, the Ambassador said Russia is not going to put Ukraine in hard situation. “Our Premier, Vladimir Vladimirovich said that we will not put Ukraine in hard situation. It is naturally. Why would we? What would we benefit if Ukraine is in hard situation? It has enough problems besides that,” said Chernomyrdin, as Liga reports.

Besides, the Ambassador said that the prices for Ukraine will increase anyway. “I know that Ukraine asked to take part in negotiations between Russia and Central Asian states, so the price will be determined there. But it is obvious the price will be higher than it is now,” said Chernomyrdin.

As ForUm reported earlier, in the end of June Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, commenting the negotiations with Russian colleague Vladimir Putin, said about the possibility of gradual move to European prices during 3-4 years. “We have come to an agreement about gradual increase of prices for a few years instead of shock increase. I think that the prices will be increased to the European level during 3-4 years,” said Tymoshenko.


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