First vice prime minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov states that “the majority in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is controlled by the President and “regions”.

Turchynov said that “the correction of the CCU structure” was carried out “by the agreement” between President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and “the regions”.

Turchynov doesn’t deny that “if they make a decision the politically engaged judges will vote that the Constitution is not active regarding the coalition”.

At the same time he said the main problem for today is not the number of deputies in this coalition of democratic forces but “absence of another coalition”. “Because the problem of “regions” and Lytvyn together with his company is that they can’t create alternative coalition. They can struggle against the present one,” said vice prime minister, as UNIAN reports, citing Korrespondent.

He believes that the attempt to fix legally the absence of coalition may cause Parliament’s dissolution, because there is no “other coalition now and no is expected in the nearest future”.

According to him, BYuT is not afraid of early elections, because elections - it’s always interesting”. “But the question is that there are no pre-conditions for early elections,” said Turchynov. According to him, there are many problems today which need solution, and “the elections will create vacuum in the effective work of the executive body for at least 3 months”.


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