At present, the Central Election Commission has no right to make decisions about registration of new people’s deputy from BYuT instead of Ihor Rybakov, who withdrew from the coalition. CEC ex-head Yaroslav Davydovych said in his interview to ForUm’s correspondent.

“As he (Rybakov, ed.) came in the Parliament and didn’t apply for cessation of his deputy’s duties, regulated by the Constitution and other laws, CEC can’t do so. The Central Electoral Commission is a constitutional body, which must act according to the Constitution, not legal expediency, expected by some politicians. And they, unfortunately, want so much today,” explained Davydovych.

According to him, Rybakov is not the first and the last, who withdrew from the coalition “in the present political situation in the country”.

As ForUm reported earlier, on the next plenary Tuesday new people’s deputy from BYuT will be put on oath. BYuT leader Ivan Kyrylenko said at the briefing in the Verkhovna Rada held on Thursday.


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