The European Union expects Ukraine will begin to implement the reforms, it promised to carry out, said Ambassador of France to Ukraine Jean Paul Vesian in his interview to Day.

“EU expects a response from Ukraine for those political signals and hopes which were directed from Europe to Ukraine. EU hopes Ukraine will begin active implementation of the reforms according to the obligations taken,” said the Ambassador.

According to the Ambassador, it concerns the judicial reform first of all. On the other hand, he said, the European Union expects that Ukraine will use all the possibilities provided by the present formats of relationship and cooperation instruments, in particular twinning, cooperation between the administrations of Ukraine and Europe in order to approach the Ukrainian management standards to the European ones.

The Ambassador said the European policy of neighborhood and the initiative “Eastern Partnership” should not be looked in a haughty manner or with some distrust. “In the end, it doesn’t prevent Ukraine from preparing and doing everything possible to become a full-grown candidate for the membership in EU one day”.


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