The demographic forecasts of the World Bank: by 2025 the population of Ukraine will decrease by 20%, according to the analytical research of the World Bank about the development of the East European countries and the countries of former USSR, presented on Wednesday in Brussels.

“Demographic forecasts show that by 2025… the population of Ukraine will decrease by 1/5, and the population in Russia – more than by 1/10,” according to the report, provided by Interfax-Ukraine.

Main economist of the World Bank on Europe and Central Asia, author of the report, Pradeep Mitra states that to solve this problem the available main capital and labor resources must be used with the maximum return in order to increase the productivity.

Also, as the expert states, labor resources must be mobilized fully, not partly; to achieve this the pension age should be equaled and raised for men and women.

Moreover, the taxation on labor forces must be brought down, because it results in the increase of expenses for personnel. Also, the pension and health care systems must be reformed thus the taxation didn’t exclude the desirable expenses on the infrastructure and social guarantees.

”And, at last, the organized international migration of labor forces, coordinated by the countries, which send and receive, keeping the rights of migrants, can become an addition to such a package of strategic measures,” said Pradeep Mitra.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine from April 1 till May 1, 2008, the population of Ukraine decreased by 24,100 persons and totaled 46.26 million people. As to the latest census taken on December 5, 2001, the population of Ukraine was 48.46 million people.


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