The opposition party - the Party of Regions - presented yesterday its draft project of the amendments to the Constitution, which, among others, provides nonaligned status for Ukraine and granting Russian the status of the second state language.

The declared by PR nonaligned status of Ukraine means the refusal from integration to NATO, which makes impossible the guarantees of the national security, stated people’s deputy from BYuT Oleh Lyashko. And the status of the second state language granted to the Russian language “levels the status of the Ukrainian language”.

Vice-chairman of the President’s Secretariat Maryna Stavniychuk said these positions would not favor state unity and can lead to “the disbalance both among the politicians and society”. Stavniychuk criticized also the draft project of the amendments to the Constitution worked out by BYuT for the stress on imperative mandate and impossibility to appeal against the actions of the parties and blocs regarding further destiny of the deputies, as Deutsche Welle reports.


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