Today, the workers of the Kyiv bread enterprises strike near the Cabinet of Ministers with the requirement to stop regulations of prices for bread. The bakers said the main reason for this demand was the growth of prices for the components: flour, yeast, oil produce. Besides, there is a growth of prices for gas, electricity and fuel. Bread, according to the participators of the mass meeting, is the only product which has the same price for 2 years, though the growing inflation and prices, as UNIAN reports.

The present situation in the branch is that the bakers don’t get proper salary, it leads to movement of personnel and the enterprises suffer losses.

The regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers specify profitability limit for massive sorts of bread.

The bakers wrote an application to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet with the requirement to set the profitability limit at 15% - to be able to function normally, to pay proper salaries and renewal main funds.


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