In two weeks, almost forgotten danger may come back to Kyiv’s reality. Kyiv producers of bread plan to increase price for bread in few times.

The authorities promise to provide cheap bread for poor, according STB channel.

Now, a loaf of Ukrainian bread costs 1.6 hryvnias (about 35 cents, ed.) for the consumer. The price must be doubled to keep the production.

According to deputy director of the baker’s complex Halyna Bohdan, the enterprises are unprofitable today. They are subsidized by the state authorities.

“We have no money to make repairs and buy new equipment, easier in use. I have been working here for 35 years, and this equipment is still in operation, It is in operation 24 hours a day,” said Bohdan.

The city authorities have calculated that low-income groups should be provided with bread cards.

Kyiv residents don’t approve the perspective to have bread cards, according to Pravda Ukraine.


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