Ihor Rybakov and Yuriy But can be excluded from the party, but they can’t be deprived of the deputy’s mandate, said the people’s deputy (BYuT), head of the VR Committee on legal matter, Serhiy Mishchenko in his interview to “Delo”.

According to him, the withdrawal of Rybakov (BYuT) was a hard blow to the faction, though “everyone knew he would leave the coalition”. “I knew about Rybakov’s plans 3 months ago and gave a warning at the faction sitting,” said the parliamentarian.

Mishchenko also said Rybakov came to him for advice. “According to him, the leader of BYuT faction promised him an assignment in customs service and the post of the head of the customs sub-committee in the VR Committee on ensuring law-enforcement activities. He was what they call it, “passed over the post”. It’s clear he was disappointed,” explained the parliamentarian, as Liga reports.

The parliamentarian said he informed the BYuT faction leader about Rybakov’s problem. “I was assured they would talk to him. I think my words were taken to consideration and they talked, probably, their arguments were not sufficient. I’m still afraid that other, not satisfied, can also leave,” said the politician.

As ForUm reported earlier, on June 6, two people’s deputies Ihor Rybakov (BYuT) and YuriyBut (NU-NS) withdrew from the coalition.


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