During the summer session, opened the day before, the Parliament Assembly of European Council will examine the question of Holodomor, said Brussels observer, expert in Europe-Ukrainian subject area George Dura.

Though, according to Dura, it’s unlikely PACE will recognize Holodomor as a genocide of Ukrainians on the European level until it is done by the national parliaments of the leading EU countries. “This decision of PACE resulted from Kyiv’s insufficient lobbying own position,” said the observer.

“For the recent years Ukraine has activated its diplomatic and explanatory work, directed on the international recognition of Holodomor.

European institutions don’t hurry with the decision, waiting for the leading countries of EU – Germany, France Great Britain - and Israel. All these countries have own cautions, when concerning Holodomor. For example, Great Britain, if recognizing Holodomor in Ukraine, may create grounds for complaint from Ireland for “potato holodomor” in 1845. There are two variants for Ukraine in this situation: to lobby own position more intensively, especially in the European Parliament, or look for diplomatic compromise with Russia,” said Dura, as Liga reports.


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