The National bank found the way to limit consumer crediting. On Friday, it published the regulation that will make crediting without prime contribution unprofitable. Such credits will be considered as non-repayable and require full reservation of credit. Large reservations will be directed even for a few day delays in payment. Bankers say that if NBU approves these regulations they will have to increase the cost of retail credits or refuse them at all.

NBU intended to limit consumer crediting last year. The NBU council proposed to direct foreign loans on the financing of investment projects. After having a liquidity crisis at the beginning of this year NBU came back to this idea – NBU promised to increase the requirements to reservations for consumer credits without prime contribution, Kommersant-Ukraine reports. Head of NBU Council Petro Poroshenko explained that NBU wants to avoid thus the crisis of consumer crediting in Ukraine.

Though, only now NBU has come to actions. On Friday, the Ukrainian credit-bank union published the project of the National Bank “About amendments to Regulations about the order of forming and use of reservation for compensation of possible negative profit in credit bank operations”; it toughens the requirements to the forming of reservations to problem credits and client’s paying capacity.

Ukrainian bankers believe that NBU’s initiative is caused by the growth of problem negative profit for consumer crediting. They hope the regulation will be approved in a softer revision, because the present version can influence strongly on the consumer crediting: banks will have to refuse credits without prime contribution or make them very expensive (now, the average rate exceeds 50%).


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