President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko put a veto on the Law of Ukraine “About introduction of amendments to the Law of Ukraine “About customs tariff of Ukraine”, as the President’s press office reported to ForUm.

Yushchenko also addressed to the people’s deputies of Ukraine regarding this law.

“My strict and categorical decision is motivated by the fact of violation of articles 9 and 18 of the Constitution of Ukraine about the compliance of international agreements of Ukraine; the attempt to violate the obligations taken by Ukraine on joining WTO and ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the Law of Ukraine of April 10, 2008; and the danger of ambiguous legal situation to please small corporate interests,” marked the President.

According to the Head of the State, such behavior is unacceptable for the responsible participant of the nternational cooperation process and is unprecedented in the Ukrainian practice and in WTO. He stressed that the European Union, Canada, Norway, USA, Japan and other members of WTO have already expressed concern regarding possible violation of taken obligations.

The President said he hopes the people’s deputies will evaluate all circumstances in this situation and take a clear and definite state stand.

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