BYuT has blocked the podium, ForUm’s correspondent reports from the Verkhovna Rada.

The doors for the speaker to enter the session hall are propped up by the chair.

The people’s deputies from PR met the blocking made buy BYuT with exclamations and applause.

Speaker of Parliament Arseniy Yatsenyuk entered the session hall through the entrance for the people’s deputies.

In his speech from the podium of the Parliament Yatsenyuk said the parties did not achieve agreement during the political consultations concerning the present situation in VR.

The Speaker said there are 3 variants: after the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine new coalition will be formed; this coalition will continue working or new early elections will be held. He said that the parties should have “a political dialog”.

The Head of the Parliament promised that BYuT will explain why they have blocked the podium at the press conference. As a result, Yatsenyuk closed the morning session.

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