Minister of Finance of Ukraine Viktor Pynzenyk is confident that the state budget will be in surplus in 6 months, he stated today to a press.

“I can state there will a budget surplus, considering what has been going on for the previous 5 months,’ said Pynzenyk.

He reported that from January to June the state outgoing were finance at 99.8%, or 39% of the year outgoing, while it was 32% last year.

Moreover, he said that UAH 2 billion of outgoing planned for the second half of the year was made in the first half.

As ForUm reported, according to MFU, since 2008 the state budget of Ukraine was fulfilled monthly with a surplus: the surplus totaled UAH 1.9 billion in January, UAH 2.7 billion – for January-February and UAH 1.2 billion – for January-March.

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