EU weakened the requirements to the quality of fruit and vegetables, which creates new possibilities for Ukrainian products.

Eurocommission will cancel the standards concerning outward appearance of vegetables and fruit. This step was caused by the rise in price for food. They hope thanks to the weakening of the requirements to fruit and vegetables their import will grow. Among other countries, EU will increase foreign trade with Ukraine.

Farmers think that present requirements to fruit and vegetables are very strict, and sometimes even silly. The standards include requirements to the shape and size, color of the peel and juiciness extent. According to the present rules, some vegetables (cucumbers for example) can’t be too bent. Mandarins must have bright orange peel, apples – at least 6cm in diameter, as “Delo” reports.

The stores will sell these products at lower price, suppose EU officials.

The requirements were softened for 26 kinds of fruit and vegetables including aubergine, carrot, vegetable marrow, cucumbers and other. Still, there are the same standards for apples, citrus, kiwi, lettuce, peaches, nectarines, pears, strawberries, sweet pepper, table grapes, tomatoes and some other fruit.

Weakening of the requirements to the outward appearance is advantageous for Ukrainian producers, up to now this market has been closed for Ukraine, only a few producers could export their produce in EU.

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