On June 17, 1946 MIA of USSR adopted a plan on the liquidation of troops of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). The official date of foundation of the organization is January 1929 at the constituent congress of OUN in Vienna; it joined the Ukrainian Military Organization (UVO), the League of Ukrainian nationalists and the Group of nationalistic youth. OUN became a classical radical right-wing organization. UPA (the Ukrainian Rebel Army, ed.) which is often confused with OUN, was a military organization with its regulations, tactics, strategy and own command. There were many members of other parties and organizations in UPA. The official foundation date of Bandera’s military units is October 14, 1942.
Soviet historiography calls both rebels and OUN members bandits. Even now many think like this. While 10 years after World War II this army could fight without external assistance and even death of Roman Shukhevych - UPA chief commander on March 5, 1950 didn’t lead to the destruction of UPA – by that time it functioned through separate units. The last fight of UPA with soviet militia was registered in 1961. According to different researches UPA units numbered from 30 to100 thousand people. Most of them died in actions or became victims of Stalin’s repressions and were sentenced to 15-25 years of imprisonment.

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